About the  Music Festival in Jerusalem

The International Arts and Music Festival in Jerusalem

For decades, an extraordinary annual event has been held in Jerusalem, which turns the Jerusalem summer into an exciting cultural experience: Every year, the Hutzot HaYotzer Art and Crafts Festival, the largest festival of its kind in Israel, takes place in the historic basin of the Sultan's Pool, at the foot of the Old City. In front of a spectacular and breathtaking view, the festival offers dozens of pavilions presenting art from Israel and the world, a variety of stage and circus performances, art exhibitions, art workshops, a special area for children, a wide culinary area that includes unique food stands and fun street food, as well as the highlight: a variety of live concerts by first class /artists in Israel.


Over the years, the old and beloved festival has become a household name in Jerusalem and Israel. It began as a fair for artists' workshops in 1969, soon after the Six Day War, and presented the works of painters and sculptors from the Yemin Moshe neighborhood, as well as the works of first-class artists in the fields of weaving, glassblowing, jewelry making, and more. The Hutzot HaYotzer Artists' Colony, which is now open to the public all year round, hosts special workshops during the days of the festival in the magical stone buildings, which serve as galleries and workshops for Jerusalem artists. Over the years, the fair developed and expanded, and in the 1990s it became an international festival, in which many artists from Israel and abroad participated and where exhibitions, musical performances and visual performances took place.


Currently, the festival is the main event of the summer season in Jerusalem, and is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Israel. It attracts an audience of over 100000 visitors every year for a mind-blowing celebration that lasts for almost two weeks, and excites the entire city with a burst of joie de vivre, energy and rhythm. Hutzot HaYotzer has become a focal point for pilgrimages from all over Israel, and with one ticket, you can enjoy the experience of an enormous abundance of art, culture, cuisine, music and more.


The Hutzot HaYotzer Festival was an initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality, and is produced and managed by the Ariel Municipal Company, a subsidiary of the municipality. Ariel, the municipal company for culture, society, education, welfare, sports and arts, works for the development of the city of Jerusalem and produces dozens of widely attended events every year. Hutzot HaYotzer is one of the largest and most impressive anchor events it produces.

What you will find at the festival:

Dozens of booths from Israel and the world - a unique opportunity to enjoy unique art from Israel and the world in a variety of fields: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, goldsmithing, textiles, Judaica, toys, woodwork and more. Every year, the festival hosts artists from different countries - from Africa, South America, the Far East, Europe and more - who present authentic art and demonstrate the creative process to the audience.


Art, performances and installations - The festival prides itself on art installations produced especially for it, which change every year and excel in exceptional quality, originality and imagination. A variety of spatial art projects turns the entire festival into a bustling, energetic and unforgettable event: special pop-up exhibitions for the festival, circus and juggling shows, street performances, the unusual "Cafe Tav" shows, which hosts multidisciplinary artists and presents a surprising experience of dance, theater, music, acrobatics and more; visual performances, graffiti, wall paintings and floor paintings; 3D installations, interactive activity with the audience and much more. In addition to all these, the public is invited to visit the famous Hutzot HaYotzer Artists' Colony, meet the artists in the magical stone houses in person, tour the workshops and galleries, and participate in special workshops held only on the days of the festival.


Musical performances by top-class artists in Israel - The highlight of the festival is a variety of musical performances by top-class artists in Israel, in a range of genres, which attract a large and diverse audience from all over the country.


Activities for children - The festival attracts hundreds of families, and provides special and exciting activities for children, with content that varies from year to year. The children's complex is a real favorite, and includes original plays, creative workshops, booths for make-up, braiding and tattoos, special activities and more. It is a unique childhood experience during the Jerusalem summer.


A wide and varied food court - And how could we manage without a culinary celebration? Along with all the activities, there is a wide culinary area at the festival, with plenty of fun street food stalls of the leading and well-renowned chefs and restaurants, with diverse cuisines and flavors suited to everyone. All the stalls are kosher.



We look forward to seeing you again this year!